8 Motives of CyberCrime – Hackers World

8 Motives of CyberCrime – Hackers World

Motives of cybercrime have changed based on day-to-day life. In the 1960s and 1980’s cybercrime doing for fun and using things for free. Nowadays cyber crimes have become very dangerous.

In general, behind every crime, there is a motive. let’s discuss some of the motives for hacking and cybercrime.

“Passwords are like underwear: don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.” 

– Chris Pirillo
8 Motives of CyberCrime

8 Motives of CyberCrime

Every hacker has a different motive for doing cybercrime. we have listed 8 motives for cybercrime are:

1. Financial Gain:

Most of the hacker’s primary motivation is Financial Gain. They are using a variety of methods to do the crime.

Hackers use phishing attacks to collect credit card or debit card details, banking account login details, etc. Once they gain credentials they login into your account and transfer the money to their account. They also use attacks like Ransomeware on the entire organization for money.

Some of the hackers use fake social media profiles to trap people and may collect money from them.

2. Insider Threats

The threat has occurred directly or indirectly by the person who is working in an organization with access to critical information. He may sell details to other organizations for personal gain or to damage the company’s reputation in public.

Sometimes the threat has occurred due to his negligence in using exposed passwords and easily guessable passwords for accounts. The attackers identify these details and collect the required information.

3. Recognition & Popularaty :

In general, every human has comitative nature. He feels happy when everyone recognizes him. Hackers also do this activity for their recognition.

Example: The hacker hacks the girlfriend’s account to recognize his friend.

4. State-Sponsored Hackers:

These hackers are either white hat or black hat hackers who steal information from foreign governments. Their targets are terrorists, foreign governments, and corporations. They may work for their governments.

The Government provides funds to these hackers. These hackers themself treat as legitimate because they work for their government.

5. Hacktivists:

Hacktivists are the hackers who protest the political and social ideas of organizations and governments by posting articles, videos, leaking sensitive information, and more.

Anonymous Logo

Sometimes they do DDoS attacks to stop their website services. These types of hackers come under the category of Gray Hat Hackers.

Example: The most famous Hacking Group is Anonymous. It fights for people against governments and organizations. It works secretly.

Anonymous Hacking Group hacks governments’ sites and leaks sensitive information and this group has a lot of fans.

In the Recent Ukrain War, hackers did a DDoS attack on Russia Government Websites. Most sites are down due to this activity.

6. Crackers:

Crackers are hackers who modify the programming in applications to use those applications for free.

Some crackers crack the tools placed on websites like getintopc.com to earn money with ads and some of the hackers insert malicious code in these cracks to collect users’ information credit card links.

7. Pornography

Some hackers did hacking to produce pornography by hacking users’ phones & Computers and collecting their personal information and blackmailing and uploading their videos porn sites. etc

Some stupid people did women trafficking by collecting their personal information and blackmailing them.

8. Drugs:

Some Persons use their technical skills to do illegal activities like selling drugs etc.

Most crimes have been done using the darknet. Darknet sites do not open by using normal browsers. They are using separate browsers like TOR etc.

There’s no point regretting things. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Life’s too short to worry about things I’ve said.

-Robbie Williams

These are some of the known reasons behind cybercrime.

Please comment below if know any other reasons and suggestions…