Classification of Computers – Computer Fundamentals

Classification of Computers – Computer Fundamentals

Classification of Computers based on how the data is handled

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    Classification of Computers:

    Based on how they handle the data, computers are mainly classified as follows:

    • Digital Computers
    • Analog Computers
    • Hybrid Computers

    Analog versus digital Computers:

    Digital ComputersAnalog Computers
    Modern computers are called digital ComputersOlder computers are analog
    Digital Computers Uses numbers to represent dataRepresent data using a range of values
    Tends to break the data into small parts and use numbers to represent dataData is represented as variable signals along with a continuous set of values.

    Digital Computers:

    Classification of Computers - Digital Computer
    Personal Desktop Computer
    • Digital Computer represent data using 1 or 0. 0 represents the off state and 1 represents the on state
    • 0 and 1 are basically represent binary state of transister
    • A personal computer is an example of digital computer

    Analog Computers:

    Classification of Computers - Analog Computer
    Vannevar Bush’s Differential analyzer
    • Analog Computers were huge mechanical devices that consist of electric motors, gears, and other moving parts.
    • Analog Computers represent data using changeable entities such as voltages, rotation of gears, and hydrauics.
    • more flexible but less precise than digital counterparts
    • Differential analyzer is an example of Analog Computer made by Vannevar Bush in the late 1920s. It was used to solve differential equations.
    • Analog computers have largely become obsolete, they have been used by computer scientists and engineers for mathematical calculations in the form of side rules.

    Hybrid Computers:

    Classification of Computers - Hybrid Computer
    Retina Scanner
    • A computer system that comprises both digital and analog components..
    • CT Scan Machine, Ultra Sound Machine, Electrocardiogram Machine, Auto Gasoline Pump installed in Petrol Pumps.