How to protect computers from botnets? HackerNet

How to protect computers from botnets? HackerNet

Let’s protect computers from botnets. Let’s learn what is a botnet and learn how to protect your system from botnet in this article.

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    What is BotNet?

    A bot is like a robot. It simply follows the automated instructions. A botnet is a group of devices connected to the internet each containing one or more bots. Most bots contain predefined instructions which do some automatically. for example a chatbot answer most of the commonly repeated questions which are already defined in that bot. like this botnet also working but it contains instructions to control or hijack devices and automatically spread to other devices. The attackers use these bots for DDOS Attacks and more.

    How to protect computers from botnets?

    Update Operating System and Softwares

    Update your operating system periodically which decreases the risk factor and makes your system more secure

    Don’t download unknown files

    Don’t download files from unknown websites which may contain suspicious content like malware viruses etc in it

    Don’t open files from suspicious sources and mails attachments

    When you open an attachment that you received from a suspicious source may contain malware in it. Don’t one those types of spam mails.

    Install high-quality Antivirus

    Research and install high-quality antivirus which helps to detect suspicious files which contain malware or spyware before you opened them.

    Enable popup and ad blockers

    Most of the popup ads redirect you to suspicious websites which force users to download files so use popup blockers.