Parts of the computer system | Basic Components of a Computer

Parts of the computer system | Basic Components of a Computer

Table of Contents

    Basic Components of a Computer

    The Main Parts of the computer system are:

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Data
    • User


    • Physical components of the computer that can be touched.
    • The computer comprises several interconnected devices.
    • Hardware may be either internal or external
    • Internal Hardware refers to the physical components inside a computer such as RAM, Processor, harddrive, Motherboard, SMPS etc.
    • External Hardware refers to devices that are connected to the outside of the computer such as a monitor, printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, speaker etc
    • Also known as peripheral devices.


    • Set of the instructions that tell the computer what to do.
    • Software is also referred as a program.
    • Software exists for computer itself to manage and contol its resourses and also for the user to perform a spefic task such as creating a document.

    Software Examples:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Windows Operating System
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator


    • Bits of information or raw collection of facts that by themselves don’t make any sense to the user.
    • Computer organize and prevent Data.


    • The person who operates the computer is the user
    • Even a completly autonomous computer is dependent on the user for installation of programs

    Information Processing Cycle

    Steps involved in Processing Data

    • Input
    • Processing
    • Output
    • Storage

    Computer Gets input by input device like Keyboard, Mouse, and others and processing with help of CPU ( Central processing unit ) and provides output using output devices such as Monitors and Printers, etc., and stores processed data using Harddisk called SSD.