Basic Requirements to learn Ethical Hacking for free

Basic Requirements to learn ethical hacking for free

Basic Requirements to learn Ethical Hacking for free

Nowadays everyone is interested to learn about Ethical Hacking and many people are passionate about ethical hacking due to the high salary packages. This article lets us discuss the basic requirements to learn ethical hacking and more.

Generally, Everyone is asking about how to become an ethical hacker and how to start learning ethical hacking without a laptop or mobile device or the internet.

Let’s discuss these basic questions one by one.

What are the basic requirements to learn ethical hacking?

The most basic requirements to learn ethical hacking are as follows

  1. Internet connection
  2. Mobile or Laptop

Basic skills required to learn Ethical Hacking

The most basic skills required to learn ethical hacking are as follows

  1. Basic knowledge of computer
  2. How to google on the topic
  3. Curious to learn about new things
  4. Practice

If you have the curiosity to learn about ethical hacking they are a lot of free resources available online to learn ethical hacking. you can google about ethical hacking you found a lot of free books, tutorials, and more.

1. Basic Knowledge of Computer

Firstly learn the basics, How to use the computer and what are the components in it. How to use the operating system etc.

Here, I have mentioned some youtube to learn basic knowledge of computer

  1. Playlist 1:
  2. Playlist 2. How Computers Work, Compilation Video of Basics Explained
  3. Windows 10:

How to learn Ethical Hacking

Method 1:

You can start learning ethical hacking by using Google. Yes, it’s true when you know to Google it’s easy to get the stuff that you want.

Let’s show you one example:

If anyone wants ethical hacking books for free they will search in Google like ethical hacking free books or ethical hacking books for free but experts search like this index of ethical hacking filetype:pdf

Google Dorks Example

Try this once to check the difference between both results

This technique is called Google Dorks

Using google dorks you can find any information from google you want.

Method 2:

You can also start ethical hacking by joining ethical hacking online courses, Reading ethical books, Practicing CTF contests, etc

How to start Practice ethical hacking without a laptop or mobile device

If you don’t have a mobile or laptop. Don’t Worry, I have a plan for you but before choosing my plan firstly check do you have the curiosity to learn about ethical hacking. If yes follow my guide.

  1. Plan to Save 15000RS to purchase a refurbished laptop. If you don’t have pocket money to save money, firstly search for a job in Computer Repairing Centers, you can also find paid internships on platforms like Internshala
  2. Meanwhile, purchase a book to learn Networking Concepts which will help you to understand the background working of each ethical hacking tool. you can also download a pdf by searching on google. Follow our Guide – Detailed map to learn ethical hacking.
  3. If you are a college or school student request your mentors to use your lab computers to practice things. you can also use system net cafe centers at weekends.
  4. Spend some time practicing CTF Challenges.

How to Practice ethical hacking with a basic Configuration Laptop

you can practice Hacking Using VMS Like Azure, AWS google cloud, etc. this provides resources to create virtual machines with a trial period of 30 days with limited credits. you can use these resources to practice your skill.

Note: If any website provides VMS for trial, Don’t use your original account. Use Fake accounts or temporary accounts to use the trial period multiple times

How to Practice Ethical Hacking Using Mobile Phone

You can practice ethical hacking on mobile using Termux. Most Popular Applications are available for termux. With the termux, you can practice many tool kali Linux tools easily.

Note: Using Termux you were not able to practice ethical hacking completely but you can practice top tools which mostly used on PC. Most of the tools are available to termux also.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice