What is OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

What is OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

What is OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

In this article let’s discuss Open-source intelligence (OSINT) Techniques and more.

What is OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

According to Wikipedia definition of OSINT is an information processing discipline that involves finding selecting and acquiring information from publically available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence.

We can simply define collecting required from publically available sources like Facebook, Twitter and social media, etc.

Use of OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

  • Win over the competitive company
  • Find out criminals
  • Know more about your target

Win over competitive company

Using OSINT we can monitor comparative company activities like the strategies used for their marking, What type of ads are used for promotion etc. We can easily find out lot more details about the competitive company.

Find out Criminals

We can find information about criminals like where the criminal lastly used his social media account etc. With the help of some little deep analysis, we can easily find a criminal location.

Know more about your target

Using OSINT you can easily identify what is the technology used for their software, using which platform they build their website, what is their capability, who are their relatives, what is their relationship status everything you can easily find.

Where we can collect information using OSINT

We can collect information from blogs, social media, news sites, forums, press, review sites, podcasts, trade sites, etc.


  • Data collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Recollection

Data Collection:

Collecting data from various resources like social media, news, blogs, and more

Data Processing:

Filtering the collected data based on requirements

Data Analysis:

Analysis of collecting filtered data, how it was helpful for further information gathering


Collecting new data using previously collected data.