Top 10 Ways to Earn Money from Photography

10 Ways to Earn Money from Photography

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money from Photography

Here we will discuss top 10 Ways to Earn Money from Photography

1. Work as an Assistant Photographer

Most professional photographers need an assistant to take photoshoots. The assistant photographer or the second photographer is the job role that helps you get great experience in photography and helps earn money.

Benefits of Working as an assistant Photographer

  1. It will help you to get experience in the photography profession.
  2. It will help you learn how to make money with your photography passion.
  3. You will travel to many places to take photoshoots and learn a lot on your photography journey.
  4. Helps to make connections with a lot of new people and professionals

How to find a job as an assistant photographer.

  1. Google for Photography Jobs
  2. Post resume in the Job portals.
  3. Work on Freelancing Sites
  4. Search in Facebook Groups
  5. Collect Emails and Phone Numbers of professional photographers from Facebook and Linkedin etc and contact them.

Tips to get hired as an assistant Photographer

  1. Showcase your photography work with a portfolio website.
  2. Followup Regularly
  3. Update resume Periodically.
  4. Maintain Good networking with professionals

Note: If you choose freelance you can get a chance to work with multiple photographers at the same time but sometimes need to wait a long time for the vacancy.

2. Sell your photos on stock sites

Many photographers sell or license their photographs with stock photography websites and earn a good income. Some of the best stock websites to sell photos.

  1. Adobe Stock Images –
  2. Alamy –
  3. Gettyimages –
  4. Dreamstime –
  5. Photoshelter –
  6. Crestock –
  7. Shutterstock –

How to sell photos on stock sites

Signup on stock sites with a seller account or publisher account and upload your photo and publish by adding a description, title, etc required metadata

Guide to How to earn huge money with stock photography

3. Earn from photography contests

Take amazing photos and participate in photography contests and get a chance to earn prize money based on your performance.

10 Ways to Earn Money from Photography

4. Earn From Photography Blogging

You can start a photography blog and earn a decent income. Many people are earning a good income with photography blogs.

In your photography blog, you can share your photography experiences, providing tips and tutorials, etc.

How bloggers earn money

Bloggers earn money by publishing ads on their blogs by using AdSense or affiliate networks. Bloggers also earn commissions by promoting products and selling products on their blogs.

5. Earn from photography youtube channel

Create a youtube channel and publish tutorials on how to take photos and how to edit them etc. To earn money with a youtube channel you need to get a following and 200hrs watch time on your channel.

How o get subscribers and watch time on youtube.

  1. Unic Channel with Description
  2. Branding you channel
  3. Schedule you post
  4. Engage with the community
  5. Create content with better audio.

6. Sell your photos

Art can attract anyone so sell your good printed photos to art galleries, e-commerce sites, etc. Make sure your photo with good quality.

7. Freelance Photography

Do freelance photography work for magazines and newspapers. contact your local newspaper and do photography work for them. It was a great way to earn a nice income. you need to cover local news and events with good quality and sell them to local news agencies. Maintain a good network with local publications to get more work.

8. Shoot Events

Shoot photos at weddings and events. It is one of the best ways to earn money. You are huge work and income based on your local reputation so maintain good networking with local people and make the best at your work and provide satisfaction to client.