Process of Hacking – Steps involved in Ethical Hacking

Process of Hacking - Steps involved in Ethical Hacking

Process of Hacking – Steps involved in Ethical Hacking

Generally, every successful outcome has involved some steps in it. Like that hacker follows 5 phases of ethical hacking these phases are called as Process of Ethical Hacking.

Process of Hacking:

The Steps involved in Process of Hacking are:

  1. Decide the target or Identify the target.
  2. Footprinting
  3. Gaining Access
  4. Maintaining Access
  5. Covering Tracks

Decide The Target or Identify the target

This is the first step in Hacking. In this, we need to find our target and decide what we need to hack exactly. It defines what is the end goal of your activity without a target you did not get the desired output.

For example, if you want to hack someone’s social media account or system you can the target is hacking his computer system.


Footprinting is also called Information Gathering. In this step, we need to identify and gather all information about the target like the operating system version and software installed in it, etc.

Requirement of information changes based on Target.

Let’s discuss this deeply with an example:

Example:1. If you want to hack someone’s Facebook account. you need to gather all information about the person like his name, age, favorite items like food, games, etc, favorite person’s name as his mother name girlfriend’s name, etc. These details are useful for brute force attacks or password guessing attacks and password recovery attacks etc.

What the devices used by him these details help us to target his devices and identify the tradition of his account when he logged in to that device.

When he uses WIFI these details help us for MAN in Middle ATTACK. So every bit of information is useful for the attacker.

Gaining Access:

In this step, With help of information gathered in the footprinting process, we can attack the target and gain access to it.

In this stage of hacking, Hacker uses various attacks to hack the target and gains access to it. It is the most crucial stage of hacking.

Maintaining Access:

After Gaining access, we need to maintain the access until our task is completed. so we need to maintain access to the target by using methods like backdoor creation, inserting viruses, etc. Those help us to gain access when it is lost. simple we need to create one untraceable way to enter the target device next time.

Covering Tracks:

In the Process of Hacking, it is the most important process. In this process, the attacker hides traces that make the hacker untraceable.

Simply how killers remove all details about murder in movies like hacker clears every information stored in computer about him like IP, logs, etc.

In complete 5 phases of hacking. it is the most important phase because when you are unable to clear the logs and trace what you have left in that system helps the victim track you and sometimes it helps guess the what are exact process you followed to attack the target.